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Amnesty CrossFit, Oswego’s Newest CrossFit Facility

Welcome to Envision Fitness, home of Amnesty CrossFit—the Oswego area’s brand-new CrossFit box! Here, you can join a growing CrossFit family that will transform your life while it revitalizes our community. Are you ready to finally feel alive again? You’ve totally come to the right place. We’ve designed our training system to help you step up and commit to the challenge of bettering yourself and others—and make this a place where fitness can truly change your life.

In our culture, progress, integrity and work ethic are valued above all. We’re all here to step outside of our comfort zones, but we’ll always do it safely. We believe that in order for you to make coming into our gym one of the best parts of your day, together we’ll need to identify your true personal goals and create a tailored game plan just for you.

You’ll love our clean, expansive facility—a place where functional fitness is always going to be more welcoming and less intimidating. Our mission is to change lives, and we’re thrilled that our reach can expand so much farther than our four walls. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced CrossFitter, we’re here for you and can’t wait to meet you!

Surpass your
own expectations.

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Our Facility

Envision Fitness/Amnesty CrossFit’s huge 7,300-square-foot facility is Oswego's fresh new space for functional, life-changing fitness. Housed in an old church building, complete with a stained-glass window and old organ, we’ve made a commitment to give this building (and your fitness routine) a brand-new life. Step into our clean, well-stocked box and you’ll feel instantly at peace. Here, you’ll experience the chance to spread your wings, with the best CrossFit equipment at the ready and super-supportive coaches who make it their mission to help you succeed. We offer a wide variety of classes to suit every level, from beginner to experienced, and will be there for you long after you’ve met or surpassed your own expectations. We’ll always help you reach for your best!

  • Not only is Rachel experienced and motivating, she is very committed to her community and her passion for good health and wellness.

    Anne Coniski

  • Rachel is a wonderful coach and a great person. I truly look forward to being a part of the community at Amnesty CrossFit!

    Kristen Wrigley